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The Power of Multidisciplinary!

Video: What is Logistiikkaverstas?

Logistiikkaverstas is an innovate study environment which connects higher education students and companies.

Activities are targeted to small and medium companies and organisations at Kymenlaakso region. Logistiikkaverstas offers an excellent possibilities for networking and establishing new contacts.

Logistiikkaverstas challenges local companies to offer their real problems for student groups to solve. Participating students in the projects represent all study fields, which makes the outcome of the project multidisciplinary.  The student will experience the real work life and companies get solutions from different perspective.

Logistiikkaverstas offers facility for the projects, workshops and lectures.


All companies are welcome to bring their cases related to logistics problems to us. If you are interested to participate to our activities, don´t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!



Heidi Järvi

044 702 8447


Project manager

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