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Course Logistics Project first workshop



In course Logistics Project a group of students is working on by improving services for a local bus travel company. On Wednesday 4th of October we had our first workshop. Students were divided in four groups and each group had own target group. The target groups were families, elderly people, students and business traveler. Each group had to think and brainstorm about what services are useful, needed and preferred by each target group.


Our target group was the elderly people. Every group got 15 minutes to write services down. We gathered approximately 15 key points. After 15 minutes every group went to the next target group, where other groups already worked on and added services which they found important for the target groups. We rotated three times so every group had the chance to work on every target group. After that each group presented the outcomes of their target group to the whole class.


Presenting the workshop outcome.



We think that the way of approaching the services and gather ideas of all students in little groups was a really good way to experience what is on our minds considering bus services. In that way every group had the opportunity to write down all notes for every target group. Every group had small discussions in their small group and almost every group found a lot of key points. Since we are from different countries and cultures it was really nice to know other countries behavior towards the different target groups and preferences. We are really grateful to this workshop because we could be creative and could write down everything. So we were on our own and we appreciate that our knowledge is in great demand.


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