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Lots of tasks to accomplish in Logistics project


In this week we had three tasks to accomplish. Task two was to gather some new ideas for the new public transport services. Task three was to write down precisely the services we had gathered in last week's workshop for our target group, the elderly people. Task four was to benchmark and find out some advanced public transport services in Europe.


Since we are five group members we split the work in our group so everyone could focus on one task, because we thought that’s the meaning of “group”.




So Lidija and Hanna took the third task. David and Tomas took the fourth task and I was in charge for the blog and task two.


In task two I just gathered a lot of ideas which I know from the services in Germany, which can be found later from our workbook.


The outcome of task three, conducted by Lidija and Hanna, is pretty similar to our presentation on the 4th of October. This time it is formulated more precisely and split in local and long distance transport, as it was the target of this task.


David and Tomas benchmarked services in public transport for elderly people in Lithuania and Czech Republic. The outcome of their work will be presented on the 18th of October.


At the end we found that our decision to split the work in our group was a good decision. On that way we could build trust in between us because we had to rely on each other’s work and even in real life the tasks are split in between the group members to get the things done quickly with focus.

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