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Benchmarking public transport services in Europe - course Logistic project

We started out the session with presenting our outcomes of the benchmarking.

Group 1 started and presented the situation in Germany, Latvia, and Belarus. They concentrated on the target group: families. They found out that kids and teenager travel for free or a cheaper prize.

After this our group (Group 2) talked about Business travelers. We looked up different companies that offer different comforts or/and solutions for frequent and long-distance travelers. Examples like Interrail, Business cards or luxurious Busses were mentioned.

Group 3 focused on students and compared the situation in different countries like Sweden, Italy, Estonia and Poland. They concentrated on discount programs in these different countries. They also mentioned some programs that makes the life of the students easier, e.g. a bicycle trailer for busses.

Finally Group 4 presented their benchmarking about elderly people. They concentrated on the countries: Lithuania and Czech Republic. The result of their work was, that elderly people get discounts and additional services for example support for wheelchairs.




The conclusion of the presentations is that in Finland they could introduce public transportation announcements in Finnish, English and Swedish. Also naming the bus stops and an app to follow the routes and get information about the public transportation would be very helpful.


In the end we brainstormed about a name for the new project of the registered association Finnhub.

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